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Service and Fellowship Opportunities

There are always plenty of opportunities to serve the Lord and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Ladies Fellowship and Bible Study

The Ladies Fellowship meets the second Saturday of each month. The monthly activity varies from crafts, special outings, luncheons, and/or planning for upcoming special events and missions.

Please check the monthly calendar for events and details.

Mens Shirts and Coat on Rack
Men's Service

The Hedgesville Baptist Church Men gather their skills and talents to help beautify and upkeep the Lord's house and grounds. In the past year, we have undergone major sanctuary renovations along with constructing a new fellowship hall. A parking lot expansion project is underway. The Lord blesses each person with gifts. We are thankful for everyone who has invested their time and talents into these projects to glorify our Savior Jesus Christ. Occasional Work Days open to all men and women are scheduled as a time to fellowship as we labor for the Lord.


Choir and Music Ministry​

The choir practices on Sunday from 5:00pm-5:45pm. All are welcome any time! Aside from Choir selections, Special Music solos or groups are included in the Worship Services for anyone who would like to express their musical and instrumental talents for God's glory.​

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